TDS Refund for Salaried People


- If you're a senior citizen with fixed deposit accounts, you're not eligible for a tax deduction on the interest you receive. If you are over 60 and have fixed deposit accounts, you must fill out and apply Form 15H to ensure that your bank does not deduct income tax on your FD interest.

- If your income falls below the tax threshold and your bank deducts tax from your fixed deposit, you have a problem.
If your income falls outside of the income tax bracket and your bank has deducted tax on your fixed deposit interest, you have two options for recovering the tax.

- The first step is to report it on your IT return form, and the IRS will calculate the refund and credit it to your bank account automatically.

- The second option is to fill out Form 15G and send it to your bank, stating that your income is below the tax threshold and therefore should not be taxed.

- If your employer deducts more tax than you are entitled to based on your IT return filing
A mismatch between the tax withheld by your employer and the actual tax due is corrected when you file your income tax return.